Blog released the BTC interest function in beta version at the end of march — and operates now completely automated for 3 high market cap coins in total.
Interest rates on BTC, LTC and DOGE: 0.015% per day and 5.627% per year.
StakeCube will increase the rate for BTC, LTC, and DOGE to 0.02% daily starting from 01.07.2019.

Published on: 6/6/19, 12:17 PM

Payment frequency and first reward delay

As of late I wish to give every masternode investor (and all who wish to change into one) an advent to the masternode reward payment cost common sense. I give an explanation for, how the reward frequency frequency is calculated and why the primary reward frequency has a delay.

Published on: 6/6/19, 9:10 AM is a Faucet website where visitors are rewarded by Bithers. To get started, just sign up. 100 Bither have a value of one Ethereum !!

Published on: 2/27/19, 1:10 AM

Become rich in 2019! Electroneum is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which you can mine for free on your smartphone.
Obtaining Bitcoin or Ethereum is relatively difficult, but we have made it easy for anyone to learn about Zero's technical knowledge.

Published on: 11/29/18, 3:13 AM